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An aircraft ought to be in perfect condition at all times. For this reason, be sure to trust the quality products of AeroShell for all your engine lubrication and hydraulic system needs. To ensure proper functioning of all engine and other aircraft systems and components, trust its products. AeroShell is a business subsidiary of the Shell Company. The company deals in aviation related products as the name suggest. With a long history of producing, distributing and selling high quality aviation fuels, you can be sure that your helicopter, private aircraft, and passenger planes needs are all catered for.

Read more about AeroShell

What products do AeroShell offer?

Knowing the right product for you aircraft is crucial for any flight mission. AeroShell has one of the most comprehensive and leading range of proven aviation Lubricants in the world. Be it hydraulic brakes fluid and other hydraulic systems, piston engine oils, turbine engine system oils or greases, be sure that all your aviation needs are taken care of. In fact, the company has one of the most experienced technical teams in the industry and they guarantee to answer all your questions and even assist you choose the right product without any hassle.

Who would use AeroShell products?

The aviation industry is the primary client of all AeroShell products. For instance, passenger planes, private aircraft, military jets, rockets and utilize Shell products. On this count, major airliners, aircraft research facilities and space exploration companies would definitely use Shell products. While majority of AeroShell products revolves around the aviation sector, industries that apply the concept of aircraft engines and hydraulic systems can as well as use Aero-lubricants and fuels. For instance, turbine engine oils are used in industrial gas turbines as well as Marine aero-engines. Aviation engine oils and fuels are produced to fit extreme altitude and engine temperatures as well as remain light for the aircraft smooth operation.

Where would AeroShell products be used?

All moving parts that required lubrication is an aircraft would definitely need lubrication. These include the engine piston or turbine to allow smooth reciprocating motion of the engine piston and the related engine parts. The hydraulic system also applies hydraulic fluids for efficient opening of aircraft doors or opening and closing of the landing gear. The braking systems is hydraulic based and hydraulic fluid play a critical role in slowing down the aircraft during landing. Almost all moving parts more so involving heavy doors and critical systems use hydraulic system.